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^^ 嵐

Hello~!私の名前は緑です!よろしくお願いします。私は嵐の大ファンです! Actually, I'm a very big fan of Aiba. ^^ But I love them just the same. Hahah but anyways 17 years old about to finish high school. My life kinda revolves Arashi but not really, I'm just one of those fan girls who gets happy whenever they appear on tv or in music videos. ^^ So this journal will be about Arashi or what I think about and mostly spamming pics of them. So if you come on my page, just drop by a hello or something! Also I have two questions to the Arashi fans:
One: Who is your favorite in Arashi?
Two: What is it about Arashi that makes you guys fans of Arashi? Their smiles, their laughs, the way they talk, or just about anything that will answer the question. I'll also answer back!
See ya!